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What are you planting?

Addiction Treatment that comes to you. A 12-week intensive outpatient program that is 100% web-based and tailored to your life.



There are so many reasons we don’t enter into treatment. From the need for privacy, embarrassment, to employment concerns, to schedule, to family…the list is long and the list is valid.


This is why Planted Recovery has brought specialized addiction treatment to the web, allowing you to be at home, on the road, or in another country and still get the treatment you deserve. We do this through a combination of the internet, video conferencing,
a cutting edge curriculum, amazing facilitators, world class counselors, and emerging technologies to amplify the chances of your long-term recovery.

Features and Benefits

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a full care team. Your team consists of a case manager, a counselor for your daily needs, group interactions, crisis support, and a psychotherapist for family, trauma, and individual therapy.


Video call into your daily program

You will have your own personal dashboard where you can co-manage your treatment plan, communicate with your care team and participate in your daily schedule of activities.

Functional Medicine​

Restoring the body’s chemistry

After experiencing substance abuse, we often find that the body is not producing enough critical biological chemicals, or that we have damaged organs, or our cognitive functioning needs support while our bodies recover.


Planted Recovery will walk you through balancing your physical health, making a lasting recovery far more likely. By restoring your physical health and igniting your body’s natural ability to produce the healing it needs, you will increase your chances of achieving lasting, long-term recovery​.

Technology Assisted Curriculum

Better Outcomes through technology

Being able to deliver content through the Internet means that Planted Recovery can curate the most successful and innovative treatment curriculum, many facets of which use a multi-media approach combined with embedded therapeutic curriculum.

Case Management​

Your life, improved

Life has become difficult to manage. For those of us in the early stages of recovery, repairing our lives can be daunting, overwhelming and anxiety-producing – and often we just don’t know where to start! Your personal Case Manager will be with you every step of the way to help guide you through this process.

Improved Treatment Planning​

Real-time clinical engagement makes it hard to slip through the cracks

By using our web platform to deliver treatment, clients and clinical staff can stay engaged in every facet of delivery on a treatment plan. This constant monitoring allows instant documentation, which in turn allows for clients to receive immediate clinical support and when necessary adjust the treatment plan to best meet current or changing needs.

24/7 Access​

Substance Abuse counselor around the clock

Planted Recovery has substance abuse counselors available around the clock, 24/7. If you believe yourself to be in crisis, or feel that a relapse may be imminent, you’ll always have someone there to support you through that difficult time. We’ll be there for you anywhere, any time of the day or night. You’ll never have to go through this journey alone.