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Clinical and Curriculum

Merging technology and addiction treatment allows for the use of cutting-edge clinical tools and new technologies that can prove difficult for location-based facilities to deploy and deliver within the limitations of their business model.​ Some examples include:​

  • Access to industry-leading therapists from all around the world, due to the reach and ease of the Internet.
  • Breakthrough technology like Immersion Therapy using AR/VR content.
  • Innovative remote monitoring tools and software/mobile applications.

Therapeutic Modalities


Our clinical team draws on a full range of treatment modalities with clear goals for every encounter.

Planted Recovery applies the following modalities to support every client’s treatment plan:


  • Motivational Interviewing Strategies
  • CBT, DBT and ERP
  • Psychoneuroplasticity techniques
  • Trauma-informed therapies
  • Grief and Loss support
  • Psychotherapy: Individual, Couples, and Family
  • Functional Medicine
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment


… and the list grows with every new therapist that signs on to our international support network

Curriculum and Coursework

Learning the tools for living

Our multidisciplinary clinical team uses structured approaches to addiction treatment.  They have developed a curated, authored curriculum to combine with our signature education content. Delivery of this content is woven into our therapeutic modalities, including peer-to-peer groups, individual sessions, family and couple’s therapy as well as self-directed “homework” found in each client’s dashboard.

Coursework and curriculum, we offer:

Time is on your side.

Planted Recovery is establishing a network of professionals from across the globe to be on-call for each one of our clients, at any moment of need. Contact us to learn more!