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We are a group of committed individuals who have come together with a shared mission: to create a 21st-century solution to one of the oldest problems known to humankind. Addiction has been quietly ravaging societies and cultures worldwide for untold millennia, affecting people of all ages, genders, races, locations and lifestyles. But while addiction does not discriminate, these attributes of addiction may create boundaries to treatment that prevent people from getting help due to their geographic area, socioeconomic standing or cultural expectations.


It is our hope that by bringing specialized addiction treatment to the Internet, we can lower these boundaries and connect individuals everywhere with excellent recovery care. Our goal is for more people to gain access to effective, high-quality addiction treatment, and we intend to increase the rate of program completion with the improved accountability and accessibility provided by a technological approach.

Our Team

Who’s got your back, matters.

Who’s in your corner, counts.


With your recovery on the line, it’s essential that you get the best of the best treatment from people dedicated to delivering innovative, transformative and successful addiction treatment.


Meet the amazing people who work day in and day out to make Planted Recovery the place where you can grow into a fulfilling substance-free life. Our staff is made up of inspiring professionals who make it their goal every day to give your recovery plan the outcome it deserves.


Our company is headquartered in Los Angeles, but our team has been specially recruited from all over the country and are among the brightest minds in addiction recovery. ​

Our Mission

How It Works

To provide world-class treatment to anyone, anywhere, at their moment of need.


Too many are slipping through the cracks. At the end of the day, there are just not enough people getting to treatment. Over 26 million people need treatment every year but only 2+ million are getting into the 14,500 facilities in the United States. That represents only 8.8% of the need being met and when we are talking about the life and death reality of addiction, that is not enough.


Granted, many are just not ready yet. However, there is a larger slice of that pie that is ready but facing some real-world obstacles very difficult to overcome. In fact, based on the latest statistics from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, we believe that by merging the internet, telehealth infrastructure and technology-assisted addiction treatment, it is possible to grow industry reach by 400% through solving important obstacles with an internet-based Intensive Outpatient Program.

Some statistics to think about:

26 Million People

needed treatment.

8% did not have transportation

or could not travel.

2.3 Million People or 8.8% of that

got it last year.

​6.6% stated treatment

would negatively impact their job.​

9% did not know

where to go

This tells us that by solving issues of transportation, physical convenience, timing, and privacy, we have the chance of growing access to treatment from 8.8% to  23.6%!


A 400% potential increase in TOTAL treatments.


How many lives can be saved, families restored, communities improved? How can we truly scale addiction treatment?

We believe the sky is the limit.


It is our fundamental belief that anyone can begin recovery from the very moment they want to start. This is why we have created our technology-based outpatient program: to help you get planted in your own life, right away. You can start to bloom through the recovery process, becoming stable and grounded, no matter what your circumstances are.


We help you stay firmly rooted in what is truly important, and we give you the ability to do that from anywhere, from everywhere, and at any time. We know recovery, and we know we can help you start your new life free from addiction.


We all start from somewhere.


We all start off as seedlings.


A seedling must be planted in order to grow.


As a seedling grows, it bursts through its shell: a process that can look (and feel) like destruction. But it is the opposite. It is building, developing and moving. It is getting rooted in the soil… into life itself.

...just start.

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